Dresden sightseeing highlights. The best sights to see in Dresden!

Florence on the Elbe, pearl of the Baroque, electoral residence and modern cultural stronghold – get to know Dresden from its most exciting side on a sightseeing tour.
In addition to the Zwinger, Semper Opera House and Frauenkirche, the city’s most famous sights, you can also see hidden gems from over 800 years of city history on our classic Old Town tour or “experience” the city on a sightseeing tour by bus. Enjoy the incomparable views of the beautiful Dresden skyline from the opposite bank of the Elbe on the city tour past the magnificent residential buildings in the city center through the vineyards to the enchanting Elbe castles.

Sightseeing in Dresden

Experience the exciting history of Dresden on our architectural tour with spectacular buildings from different stylistic periods such as the Renaissance, Baroque, Bauhaus or Socialist Realism and learn more about the reconstruction of the city and its architectural diversity after the devastating air raids of the Second World War. Baroque fans should not miss our sightseeing tour through the Baroque quarter, which was built in the 18th century around the Neustädter Markt as a planned city.

Incidentally, you can meet the builder of this project, the Saxon Elector Friedrich August I, in person on our costume tour “Augustus the Strong” and accompany him on a sightseeing tour through the magnificent Dresden of his time, peppered with personal accounts.

Dresden Stadtführer in der Kunsthofpassage

Dresden is particularly impressive on a tour of lights after dark, when the city’s artfully illuminated buildings are reflected in the waters of the Elbe. If you would like to experience Dresden through the eyes of a ‘contemporary witness’ during your night-time sightseeing tour, a night watchman tour is the perfect accompaniment. Follow us into the Dresden of bygone days and listen to the night watchman’s beautiful and scary stories and anecdotes by lantern light.