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Why not simply treat someone to a beautiful city! Order online and receive directly by e-mail –  you can realise a great gift idea with a gift voucher from k3 stadtführungen. Here you will find your voucher for a city tour in one of 23 beautiful cities. The choice is yours.

Click on your favourite city and you will be taken to the voucher order page. Would you like to receive your voucher by post? No problem! When booking online, please note that you would like it sent by post (shipping costs €4.50).

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Ticket voucher: Valid for a ticket for participation in one of our events for individual guests. Ticket vouchers from k3 stadtführungen are available for events in Hamburg, Heidelberg, Lübeck, Münster and Stuttgart. The voucher holder redeems the voucher when booking a ticket.

Event voucher: Valid for a flexible booking for groups from our event programmes. When redeeming the voucher, the holder specifies their preferred date.

Value voucher: Valid for tickets and flexible bookings from our event programmes in 23 k3 cities: Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Freiburg, Flensburg, Görlitz, Hamburg, Hanover, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Lübeck, Münster, Nuremberg, Osnabrück, Passau, Stuttgart, Trier and Weimar.