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Heidelberg Tipps

Are you looking for ideas for your company excursion to our beautiful city of Heidelberg, and would you like to offer your employees a special city experience at a team event? Or do you, a company in Heidelberg, need a supporting programme for a visit by your out-of-town guests? Then you will find what you are looking for in our programme. Here are a few ideas which we have compiled for you for company excursions in Heidelberg:

Heidelberg City Guided Tour – The Classical Tour for your Company Event

Explore Heidelberg during your company excursion and visit its picturesque Old Town. It will make no difference whether you are an old-timer in Heidelberg or will be visiting Heidelberg for the first time. Either way, our guides will adapt to the level of your knowledge and impart through their graphic descriptions a better understanding of the history and stories of Heidelberg. Our polyglot guides are especially eager to meet international visitors with whom they can speak in English, French, Italian, Polish or Russian to convey what has made our city a special centre of attention for visitors from across the globe for several centuries.

Heidelberg City Guided Tour

Philosophers’ Path Tour – Team Event for Nature Lovers and Travellers Keen on Sports

If you are a good walker, would like to find out more about the unique vegetation and picturesque landscape of the Neckar valley, and would also like to become better acquainted with other members of your team during your company excursion, then do come on a hike with us along the Philosophers’ Path to take a look at Heidelberg from above. While your guide relates interesting information about the rare plants that thrive here, due to the special climate, and also draws your attention to spectacular views of the city below you on the other side of the river, you will also have plenty of opportunities to get into conversations with your colleagues.

Philosopher’s Path Tour

Evening Stroll – An Ideal Evening Overall Programme for Your Company Event

Will you be arriving in Heidelberg in the evening for your company outing, or would you like your business partners to get an impression of the beauty of your location after a strenuous daytime programme? Then our agreeable stroll through Heidelberg in the evening provides the perfect transition from business to pleasure! Bathed in the evening light, the slowly emptying narrow lanes of the Old Town develop a special charm of their own, and the breathtaking view from the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) of the city and the castle ruins towering over it is especially impressive. After the tour, we offer to escort your guests to a restaurant of your choice or to your hotel.

Evening Stroll Through Heidelberg

Our Guided Tours to Heidelberg Castle – Best Views for Your Company Excursion

Just a single glance from the city up to the red sandstone ruins will show you why Heidelberg Castle has attracted visitors from across the globe ever since the period of Romanticism. Nevertheless, during your company outing you should also be sure not to miss the opportunity to look down at Heidelberg and the Neckar valley from the castle. During one of our tours around the castle you be able to listen to exciting stories of the rise and fall of the castle and find out more about Heidelberg’s famous inhabitants and visitors. When you visit the castle’s inner courtyard, our guide will also show you the huge barrel that held about 200,000 litres of the princes’ wine, and explain why the statue of Perkeo, the court fool, still casts a watchful eye over it.

Guided Tour of Heidelberg Castle

Perkeo, Hofnarr des Heidelberger Schlosses