Night Watchman Tour Heidelberg for Groups

Night Watchman Tour

Book a Night Watchman Tour to explore the Heidelberg of long forgotten times. Set out on a lantern-lit journey through the streets and alleys of the Old Town of yesteryear.

Hear about devastating fires, wars and floods that have contributed to the city’s history over the centuries and left their mark on its buildings and streets. The night watchman will tell you about global political events such as the Reformation, the Thirty Years’ War, and the Palatinate War of Succession, and describe commonplace threats that endanger the town’s well-being every day and especially at night.

Listen to the night watchman’s tales of the duels of students who often fought out their disputes while drunk or tried to impress their fraternity brothers by earning a stay in the Student Jail, the Karzer, with their unbelievably daring pranks. In addition to relating anecdotes about the students’ escapades, the night watchman will also recall legends of noisy ghosts, witches, seductive mermaids and undead dogs practicing their evil deeds in the town.

Experience an unforgettable tour with mysterious stories of Heidelberg’s atmospheric Old Town in the evening, and let the night watchman acquaint you with Heidelberg’s most beautiful and scary sides.

Flexible booking for groups

  • Night Watchman Tour for 2 to 10 persons with your individual guide
  • Invoicing after the tour, payment by wire transfer
Flexible Booking

One and a half hour Night Watchman Tour per group of up to 10 persons: 189.00 €

  • Date and time: your choice
  • Each additional person: 7,00 € per person, (max. 30 persons per group)
  • Duration: from 1,5 hours, each 30 minute extension of the tour 40 € in addition
  • Tours in German: discount of 30.00 €
  • Reservation / change of reservation: fewer than 7 days before the tour 20,00 € in addition
  • Tour on a Saturday or Sunday: no additional charge
  • Meeting point: “Kornmarkt” at the Madonna statue

Reservation hotline: 06221 – 1 87 40 99

Rundgang "Nachtwächter & Co." in Heidelberg

When we receive your request for a reservation, you will first receive an email from k3 stadtführungen that confirms receipt of this request, and later a confirmation of reservation. Your reservation will not be valid until this confirmation has been sent.

You can cancel your reservation or have it changed. If you cancel your reservation up to the seventh day before the date agreed for your guided tour of Heidelberg, there will be no additional charge. If you cancel it less than seven days but at least one day before the agreed date, we will charge you 50 % of the agreed fee. If you cancel on the day of the tour or do not appear at the agreed time and place, we will invoice the entire agreed fee.

Changes can be made at no additional charge up to seven days before your guided tour of Heidelberg. If you wish to change the time and/or meeting place less than seven days before the tour, we will charge you 20.00 € for this change. Then, the time of day may only be changed by at most two hours (either way). In no case does the customer have a right to implementation of a change request.