Auszeichnung Top Gruppenziel 2019-2020
Auszeichnung Top Gruppenziel 2019-2020

Guided Tours of Heidelberg

Heidelberg, which is not far from the outlet of the Neckar River into the Rhein, lies in one of the most sunny nature regions of Germany. Known as the city of Romanticism and the site of Germany’s most famous university both at home and abroad, Heidelberg has been one of the major attractions for visitors to Germany from across the globe, ever since the 19th century.

Heidelberg’s cityscape invites you to a journey through time into the world of the Baroque with its foreign gables, mansard roofs, magnificent coats of arms, and impressive town houses and is waiting for you with great views and post card romanticism. Heidelberg’s young population and Mediterranean temperatures give it an additional flair.

During our Heidelberg city guided tours, we explain the culinary and cultural specialties of Heidelberg and the surrounding region. We will give you ideas for walks and subjects for photography and let you participate in dramatic and amusing events from Heidelberg’s turbulent history.

Experience one of Germany’s cultural metropolises with our guided tours of Heidelberg, walk in the footsteps of the romanticists or let yourself be enchanted by the unique Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Path). Visit the area around the castle and the old fortifications system or go look in the small, angular lanes for traces of a Heidelberg of times long forgotten. Take our night watchman tour to discover Heidelberg by lantern light in the evening. k3 stadtführungen Heidelberg’s programme also offers you city sightseeing tours and evening strolls as well as guided tours tailored to meet your individual needs.

We are looking forward to your visit!
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Heidelberg Tips

Yesterday we joined the guided tour which we had booked with you and want to write to you about it. We had one of the loveliest city tours ever! Many thanks for providing us with a decidedly nice, and very strongly motivated, competent, inspiring tour guide in the person of Ms. Auhagen! We shall always hold this tour in fond memory and most certainly recommend you to others!
Hans-Heinrich Post

Heidelberg Sightseeing

Brückentor der Alten Brücke in Heidelberg

Let our Heidelberg sightseeing tours help you to experience the most beautiful parts of the city with a bus tour, a night watchman tour or a walking tour in the evening. If you have ideas for your company excursion or could use some other tips about Heidelberg, we would be glad to provide you with information and help with organizing tours and programmes for your events.

Walking Tour of Heidelberg in the Evening

Nachtführung Heidelberg mit Blick auf das Schloss

Stroll through the Old Town’s alleys, which are lit in the evening, and stand on the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) to gaze at the castle ruins bathed in the evening light. You will soon understand why Heidelberg has attracted poets, painters and lovers from all over the world for centuries.

Side Job: Heidelberg Tour Guide

Incentiv Veranstaltung Heidelberg

Are you interested in the history of towns and do you enjoy communicating culture? Then become a tour guide at k3 stadtführungen Heidelberg! We can offer you a side job or a student job. As a guide, you will give the visitors on our Heidelberg tours interesting background information on the history of Heidelberg and anecdotes about the sights in the Old Town and beyond.

Bus Tour of Heidelberg

Stadtrundfahrt Heidelberg mit dem Cabriobus

Take a one-hour bus tour of Heidelberg to explore this city’s thousand years of history. Let a well-versed competent guide familiarize you with the cultural and culinary specialties of the region. Then you can take a walking tour to explore Heidelberg’s winding lanes.

Restaurants in Heidelberg – Our Tips

Abendführung in Heidelberg

Our sightseeing tours through Heidelberg make our visitors hungry. If you are looking for a stylish setting in which you can stop for a rest and partake of refreshments or a meal, we would like to recommend these restaurants in Heidelberg. Our guides can also give tips on restaurants in the Old Town that would be suitable after evening tours (e.g. after the Crime Thriller or Night Watchman Tour) or for your company excursion.

Heidelberg Castle Tour

Schlossführung Heidelberg mit Dennis Schäfer

Take our castle tour to explore the eventful history of Heidelberg Castle, which did not achieve world fame until it lay in ruins. Enjoy the magnificent view of the Old Town and the Neckar valley. This view is offered from the balcony of the splendid Friedrich Building, which was fire damaged but not ruined, and also from the terraces of the castle gardens.